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  • What is forming?

    We emphasize Forming operations that is called as cold forming operations. Forming in thread rolling processing is generated as hydraulic, mechanically and electromechanically.

  • In thread rolling machines; which methods are used for rolling?

    Three methods are in threading :

    1. In-feed 
    2. Through- feed 
    3. Speed controlled through feed
  • What is the difference between thread rolling machine and thread cutting??
    • The thread, rolled with the thread rolling machine is 30-40% more durable.
    • The threading time in the thread rolling machine is much more shorter compared to the machining method.
    • Tooling costs are very high in machining method and it is more economical in thread rolling machine.
    • More delicate and compatible thread structure is obtained by thread rolling machine.
    • In major sectors (white goods, automotive, construction, etc ...), instead of threading by machining method, thread form opened by thread rolling method is preferred.
  • What type of information are needed when determining the capacity of the thread rolling machine?
    • Technical drawing of the workpiece.
    • Process flow on the technical drawing.
    • Hole and shaft tolerances (if any) on the thread rolled parts.
    • Hardness of the material
    • Material information of the thread rolled part.
    • Sample from the material which will be thread rolled.
  • Which type of profiles can be thread rolled by thread rolling technique?
    • Metric profile..
    • Whitworth profile.
    • Acme profile.
    • Tie rod profile.
    • Worm gear.
    • BSPT pass profile.
    • Round thread. 
    • Spline.
    • Railway screw thread profile.
    • Knurl.
    • Special profile.
  • Do thread rolling dies supply with the thread rolling machine?

    No the dies are not given with the thread rolling machine. We introduce our customers to die manufacturers.

  • What is in-feed die?

    * When the thread length is shorter than the die length, the type of die will be called infeed dies. Same thread profile on in-feed dies can be seen on thread rolled part. Thread Rolling with in-feed dies, the work piece formed with roation but workpiece will not move back and forth. It is necessary to use in-feed rolling method for work pieces, which have step front or behind of threaded section.



  • What is bolt?

    Bolt has the most variety fastener type in machine components. Material, shape and thread profiles of bolts are defined with numerous standarts and produced accordingly. It will not be false to say that there is no industry without bolts. Standart bolts are produced by multiple stations cold forging machines and then rolled by flat type thread rolling machines with high speed production and productively. Bolts, with special sizes, are produced with 2 die or 3 die cylindrical thread rolling machines.

  • What is the meaning of Stud Bolt?

    Stud bolt is defininition of fastener types, which have different length and fully threaded solid bars, can be produced with thread rolling method. In past stud bolts can be produced with standard thru-feed dies, but nowadays these parts can be produced faster by speed controlled thrufeed dies and inclned heads of GOVAMA thread rolling machines. Stud bolts are used commonly mainly in construction, furniture and white goods industries.



  • What is the meaning of 2 Die Cylindrical Thread Rolling Machine

    Two die cylindirical machines conducts rolling force to material by two dies. 2 die cylindrical thread rolling machines can produce a large variety of parts like splines tie rods etc. with support of necessary equipment.


  • What is the meaning of Thread Rolling Technology?

    It is a manufacturing process which have a history of a century. Although it has many advantages it is not widely used. Compared to machining it is relatively cheap, fast and serving better quality. With hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical force dies form the material and by rotation dies the workpiece also rotated. The energy consumption with this method is less than machining and the life of the die much more longer than machining tools.

  • What is the meaning of Thread Rolling Machine?

    The machine that can cold form circular cross sectioned materials. With thread rolling machines threads, knurls, splines, tie rods can be formed. These machines produce faster and better products than machining. By rolling the material, the molecular structure of the material is oriented, causing a durable product and increase quality.

  • What is the meaning of Thread Rolling Die?

    Thread rolling dies are defined as the tools of thread rolling machines.Thread rolling dies material type is choosen according to material of workpiece. There are thread rolling dies which are capable to roll tenthousands of parts and also hundreds.

  • What is the meaning of Speed control thru-feed dies?

    Speed controlled thru-feed dies, are used for; longer thread lengths than die length with inclination on die spindles, is also make available faster process than rolling with through-feed dies. Another differences from through-feed, there is no connection between thread forms. In different meaning there are grooves on thread cross section instead of thread form on surface of dies. Using ring dies make available faster thread rolling production. As a result of this, production cost are reduced.

  • What is the meaning of Ball Joint?

    All vehicles steering and front alignment systems requires mobile cardan parts are called Ball joint (ball pin). It has enormous kind of types, shapes, sizes related with vehicle brand and vehicle's system. These parts are forged with multiple station cold forging machines, then machined with lathes and then ball side of part is burnished and straight side is rolled by thread rolling machines. We have developed special purpose machines for burnishing and rolling operation of ball joints in order to maximize operation efficiency.

  • What is the meaning of Single ended or double ended studs?

    Materials that are threaded at both end or one end called stud bolts. Our new double stationary thread rolling machine ease the production of stud bolts.

  • What is the meaning of cold forming?

    * Cold forming process is defined with shape reformation process with exceeding limits of plastic deformation by using pressure of rolling force. In thread Rolling technology, smashing is to be known as cold forming. Rarely hot forming is also being made. The structure of the material obtained as a result of cold forming, unlike the state before the rolling process, in the direction of thread rolling force is applied to become a structure. This oriented structure is more durable and harder than its original state. Of course, as the Cold Forming Price (displacement system charges) increases, the depth and stiffness of the resistant structure will increase at the same rate.

  • What is the meaning of Spline?

    It is a kind of fastener product form which needs both high torque and force moving on axis. This spline form can be produces by our two moving body thread Rolling machine up tp 1.5 module reference standarts DIN 5480. It is also possible to get spline form with high tolerances.

  • What is the meaning of Tie Rod?

    It is a material which has a special screw form on it, which is produced to be used in the construction sector in mold binding and anchoring operations. Tie Rod can be produced in our 2 die thread rolling  Machines. Tie Rod is used in diameters of 17, 22, 24, 27, 32 mm.

  • What is the meaning of 3 die Cylindrical Rolling Machine?

    Three die cylindrical thread rolling machine is the name of thread rolling machines that pressure is conducted to material via three dies. 3 die cylindrical thread rolling machines can roll parts in hollow or pipe shaped parts. Especially, these type of machines are used to roll different profiles on adjustment props, that are commonly requested in scaffolding industries. 3 die thread rolling machines has also inclination feature for speed control thrufeed applications, like in 2 die thread rolling machines.